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Interior Acoustics Ecosystem


An important part of a good and healthy indoor ecosystem is efficient sound absorption. It is an important factor in living and working environments where the noise level can be considerable.

High level of noise over a short or long period of time can influence well-being and lead to health issues.

That is why at RISEN we naturally care for the environment you dwell in. Combine our expertise and professional consultation for appropriate design solutions to achieve the best possible acoustic outcome for your environment.


As functional acoustic wall art, CREO High Density Polyester Fiber connect the creative energy of the workspace with the team working in it, resulting in a far more productive and energetic space.


CREO High Density Polyester Fiber Provide:

  • Sound absorption and blocking
  • Ambient noise reduction within the room
  • Reduced reverberation and echo
  • Minimized sound transmission outside the room
  • Customized shapes and logos


  • NRC: 0.3 - 0.9
  • 100% high density polyester fiber acoustic panel
  • Dynamic designs to add dimension to your workspace
  • Flexible privacy between individuals and teams
  • Improve the acoustic environment
  • Applicable to ceilings and walls




LIGNO Timber Acoustic Panels reduce echo and reverberation within buildings without compromising aesthetic design. Panels can be used on walls or ceilings to reduce noise and noise transfer.


LIGNO Timber Acoustic Panels Provide:

  • East maintenance
  • Strong and sturdy high density fibreboard
  • Rich natural timber woodgrain finishing
  • Reduced reverberation and echo
  • High-performance sound absorption properties


  • NRC: 07 - 0.9
  • Sound absorption with aesthetic appeal
  • Mould proof and moisture proof
  • Wide selection of natural wood veneer colours or spray paint
  • Applicable to ceilings and walls

A Healthy Indoor Ambience -

We Understanding Your Environment

Most people spend their lives indoors, and much of this time is spent at work. It is therefore vital that the buildings we are in have good indoor ambience which does not cause discomfort or affect out health or ability to work. To support activities in the environment, acoustic materials are concealed as part of the design aesthetics.

Since there are so many different activities that can take place in the environment, each activity has its challenges, and consequently its own acoustic design.

PLEXI Acrylic Acoustic Panels provide acoustically profile reflective surface for better sound transmission to desired audiences. It helps improve dead room environment.


PLEXI can be laminated with a wide array of colour films using UV stable ink printing. The opens up a wide spectrum of design applications for interior designers to look beyond the horizon.



  • Easy maintenance
  • Transparent, coloured or printed
  • Fiber free, non-emitting material
  • No moisture restrictions

MODULO High Density Glass Fiber Panels are extremely high performance noise absorbers and effective to overcome highly reflective surface areas.


MODULO High Density Glass Fiber Panels Provide:

  • Sound absorption and blocking
  • Ambient noise reduction within the room
  • Reduced reverberation and echo
  • Minimized sound transmission outside the room


  • NRC: 0.92
  • 100% high density fiberglass
  • Light weight
  • Non-combustible
  • Moisture resistant
  • Sag free
  • Surface can be spray painted or laminated with wide selection of fabrics
  • Improve aesthetic and acoustic environment
  • Applicable to ceilings and walls


At RISEN, we are READY to connect to YOU for the immediate needs for Acoustic, to bring you from RISEN ONLINE to RISEN ONSITE for the REAL EXPERIENCE to meet the CUSTOMERS highly demanded, stringent technical professional ACOUSTIC Requirements for the NEW Corporate Building, AESTHETIC Acoustic for Corporate Office, Performance HIGH Performance Cost Effective ACOUSTIC Solution for the Exclusive Top Management GLOBAL Tele-PRESENCE Conference Room, AUDITORIUM, Private HOME Conference Room, Private HOME Theatre and MUSIC Studio to the Multi-PURPOSE Hall for INTERNATONAL School, College as well as UNIVERSITY and more to be named


WE have a COMPLETE end-to-end RISEN Creative ACOUSTIC Solution for YOU to have a PEACE of Mind at HOME as well as at WORK!



Preliminary NOISE TESTING of  given ENVIRONMENT.

Professional DESIGN of the Proposed RISEN Acoustic Treatment.

Preliminary TECHNICAL Specification for Tender Purposes.

SUPPLY & DELIVER the Complete End-to-End Performance Acoustic Solution of RISEN Acoustic Resources and Services.



Connect to RISEN ONLINE here